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About us

About us

Our Team will help you to become Better

Leeway was founded with the vocation of offering professional services of the highest quality and the commitment to contribute to the success of our clients by providing comprehensive services that offer optimal solutions to the specific needs of each of them and the objective of establishing firm and permanent links as trusted advisors.

We strongly believe that our knowledgeable, clear, effective and transparent approach will bring trust and credibility to the financials of your organization. Besides audit, we offer a wide range of consultancy and advisory services that would help your business to improve its profitability, operational efficiency and grow horizontally and vertically.
Our multi-experienced team can also help you with other aspects of your business operations including IT, HR, Marketing, and Strategy.

leeway consultancy-Accounting & Auditing firm in UAE

Our Goal

Our Goal is to ensure that you always receive the highest quality service
leeway consultancy-Accounting & Auditing firm in UAE

We are careful about Finance

Our Mission

Establish Accounting and Auditing standards with experts to achieve the highest value in our services, so that our customers enjoy the highest level of satisfaction in addition to contributing to upgrade with the profession of Accounting and Auditing in the United Arab Emirates

Our Vision

To be the first choice for the Accounting and Auditing community in the UAE, and an active member in advancing the profession of Accounting and Auditing
Our Values

We aim to uphold the following principles:


Excellence comes as standard. Rigorous quality control procedures ensure the highest possible standards across the network.


Trust is assured. Short lines of communication mean you will always have swift access to partner level advice.


Teamwork is second nature. Leeway's partners know each other very well, so we can get things done quickly for our clients.


Quality is paramount. Around the world, only member firms that match the Leeway's standards of quality, integrity and professionalism are selected.


Agility is instinctive. Clients shouldn't see the work behind the scenes, just the results, regardless of the number of countries or disciplines involved.


Stability is key. Clients tend to stay with us for the long-term. They appreciate our understanding of their business and dedication to making things happen
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