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VAT Registration & Consultation

Why Should Businesses Seek VAT Consultancy in Dubai, UAE?

Value-Added Tax or VAT is a tax on the consumption or use of goods and services levied at the point of sale. VAT is a form of indirect tax. While it feels the same as a general sales tax to end-consumers, VAT is a more sophisticated tax and overcomes many challenges that affect the general sales tax.

Any business which exceeds the mandatory threshold limit of AED 375,000 is required to register for VAT. The best means of doing so is by acquiring the services of professional VAT consultants in UAE.

The VAT concept prevailed around the world and in the UAE tax was not applicable as they were the free zones. The VAT implementation release enhanced the business brand value and was an additional revenue source for the government. Thus, the GCC countries went into an agreement for VAT implementation that people have to consider the VAT services in Dubai.

Leeway – The Best VAT Consultants in Dubai & Across the UAE

We provide VAT consultancy services in UAE with extensive experience, resources, and we answer all VAT-related queries. We have specialized Tax consultants and Accountants who can take a close look at your business and can advise and assist with all of your accounting and tax requirements. This leaves you with peace of mind to run and develop your business and VAT worries become history. Our experienced team of VAT consultants in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and across the UAE will assist you with tax services including VAT registration, submission of VAT return filing services & submission of VAT refunds, etc.

Registration with local tax authorities
Calculation of VAT payable and refundable (if any)
Preparation of complete VAT calculations
Filing of VAT returns with local tax authorities
Keeping you updated about all the changes in VAT & Tax regulation
We can advise and work on all aspects of VAT return
Dubai’s VAT consultants provide your business with VAT registration and direct you through the voluntary or compulsory VAT registration process.
LEEWAY VAT Consultants in Dubai have experienced VAT Consultation with expertise and experience who can understand your business and provide the appropriate advice.
To decide the financial risks and to enforce Vat’s successful implementation, we analyze the impact of VAT laws on business transactions.
LEEWAY is an FTA accredited tax adviser with a significant emphasis on UAE taxes, financial law, and legal systems as denoted by the Federal Tax Authority of the UAE